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To inquire on fees or schedule a private consultation session, please contact us.

Natal Chart and Predictions

or Yearly Predictions

Your natal chart is also called your birth chart, which is a snapshot of the sky at the very time and place of your birth. Your natal chart defines your fundamental temperaments and life themes. In addition, when the planets move forward in time, different parts of your natal chart will be activated, forming ebbs and flows in your life. 

This consultation helps you understand the potentials defined by your natal chart, as well as the major themes in the coming year and how this coming year fits into the overall cycles in your life. After your first Natal Chart and Predictions session, a Yearly Prediction session is recommended to help you understand the potential opportunities and obstacles in each coming year. 

Horary Consultation

Horary astrology is the most divinatory branch of classic astrology which is a wonderful technique to provide answer to a specific question. The technique is used to receive celestial guidance on a meaningful question in which the querent has deep personal interest. The astrologer casts a chart for the moment that she understood your question, and interpret the positions of the planets to answer your question. Questions usually asked by clients:


  • Career: Will I get this job? Will I get promotion this year?

  • Business or finance: Will this business or investment be successful? Will my financial portfolio improve in this year?

  • Relationships: Will this relationship continue? Is he/she interested in me?

  • Lawsuits or competition: Will I win this lawsuit? Will I win this award?

  • Physical or health: Will my health improve in this year? Will I get pregnant in this year?


While horary is able to provide a predictive answer, it also provides value by giving a higher level of clarity on the circumstances pertaining to the question. 


At present, all consultations are conducted online via Zoom or email. When scheduling a consultation, be sure to include your birth date, time and place (as exact as possible), your questions and any pertinent details.


To inquire on fees and schedule a private consultation session, please contact us.

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