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Professional Astrology Consultation
by Xun

Traditional astrological wisdom into modern practical use.

​Help you decipher

the celestial message

from the universe to you

and gain clarity for your life planning.



丁寧で優しいご対応本当にありがとうございました! 占星術の個人占いを受けるのが初めてなので、全く知識がないので最初は不安でしたが、分からない用語を丁寧に説明してもらって、とてもわかりやすかったです!そして何より、シュンさんの話し方がとても柔らかくて、お人柄も明るくて、初対面なのにすごく信頼感を持たれたので、すぐ心を開くことができました。



(Thank you for the nice session! It was my first astrological consultation, and I was nervous because I had zero knowledge on western astrology. However, Xun explained the terms in a very easy-to-understand way.  She is with cheerful character and delivers the session in a very friendly style.  Although it was my first time meeting her, I was immediately engaged in an open conversation with trust. She explained the meaning of the planet movements to me with relevance to my circumstances. Instead of giving instructions for my future, she explained all the potential opportunities and risks to me. Because of this great counselling experience, now I am able to focus on my chosen path. Thank you so much! )

Kさん, 声優, 東京 

​K, Voice Artist, Tokyo 

“Thank you for the consultation on my astrological chart. It has been an eye-opener. You have given valuable advice on my strength and weakness. I can build my life and career based on those. I can only wish that I have the advice years ago. The 1-year forecast and moon forecast will also prepare me on what will come next."

Niko, Product Manager, Singapore




(In the consultation in last year, Xun reminded me that I have to reinvent the way I approach my work so that I can get prepared for a booming period in career in 2020. Although I could not imagine how it was possible at that time, it turned out that my old projects really had to be paused in 2020 because of Covid-19. However, because I was mentally prepared since one year ago, I have been trying for new possibilities which are just nice to be applied in the new environment in 2020. Xun is not among the type of astrologers who just want to impress you with bold speculative predictions. But she answers each question seriously without any inflation or patronizing which makes her very trustful. Astrology is valuable wisdom inherited from ancient cultures, I would recommend Xun’s astrological consultation to anyone who wants to understand your own life cycle!)

Kojiさん, 語学教育者 / 大学客員教授, 中国杭州在住 

​Koji, Master Language Educator / University Adjunct Professor based in Hangzhou  


(The analysis by Xun was very accurate! It helped me find the solutions for what had been confusing me. After Xun helped me decode my natal chart, I found the part of myself that was hidden from me with a feeling of Deja Vu. The consultation was really helpful!

 ​Yoyo, Marketing Consultant based in Tokyo  


(It was great to be able to talk with Xun. After the session, I am able to look at my past and my future from a much broader perspective. Xun heard, decoded and forwarded to me the messages that are from the stars to me. With her wonderful smiles and personality, I felt that the session time passed so quickly!)

Yさん, 講師, マニラ在住 

​Y, Lecturer based in Manila  


(I really like the analysis by Xun! Starting from a deep analysis on my natal chart, she pointed out several issues in me and also provided many advices. I wish I could have met her earlier! ) 

 ​Iris, Graduate Student based in Tokyo  

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